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Gift Ideas for Grandma

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Looking for a gift for Grandma for her birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Grandparents Day or a just because gift?  We’ve got you covered!  Home State Grandma shirts are available as t-shirt, sweatshirts and hoodies for all 50 states.  Complete your gift with a Grandma blanket and a pair or 2 of stud or leather earrings and Grandma is sure to be thrilled!  

Click on the product photos below to shop each item.  

michigan grandma blanket
Home State Grandma Blankets

Home State Grandma blankets are available for all 50 states.  They’re super cozy and will make Grandma feel like she’s getting a hug from her grandkids every time she curls up with it.  

michigan grandma sweatshirt
Home State Grandma Sweatshirts

Home State Grandma Sweatshirts are available for all 50 States.  They’re very soft and cozy and a perfect gift for your Grandma(s).

michigan grandma hoodie
Home State Grandma Hoodies

Home State Grandma Hoodies are available for all 50 states.  Grandma will love wearing this on cooler days.  

home state grandma shirt all 50 states available
Home State Grandma Shirts

Home State Grandma Shirts are available for all 50 states.  They’re perfect to wear year round since they can be layered under a home state Grandma sweatshirt or hoodie.  

handmade stud earrings
Handmade Stud Earrings

Don’t forget to grab a pair of matching stud earrings for Grandma.  They’re all nickel-free for sensitive ears.  Click on the photo to shop our entire collection.

Lightweight handmade statement earrings
Statement Earrings

We have a large selection of statement earrings that are so lightweight and stylish.  Grandma will love wearing them!

michigan grandma sweatshirt
Michigan Grandma & Grandpa enjoying their sweatshirts and grandson.
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